Individual Therapy

People usually seek out individual therapy when they are experiencing certain recurrent conflicts with others that lead to making them feel depressed, frustrated, anxious, and/or angry. These feelings are not passing moods, but become painful and disruptive to their lives.

People may feel stuck in an impasse in terms of not knowing how to change a relationship that is making them very unhappy, feeling trapped in a work situation, or feeling it is very difficult to connect to others and establish a long-term relationship.

Many people have difficulty trusting their judgment and validating their emotional needs. Individual therapy can help you resolve impasses and conflicts in your life by providing a space where you can focus on what various kinds of experiences and interactions mean to you. This leads to you being able to understand and accept yourself more fully. If you know what is important for your sense of emotional security and well being you are more able to express and assert your needs in important relationships.

When you can accept yourself more, you will find that you are also less defensive to criticism because you can identify what are the sensitive issues in your personality that become triggered in tense situations. By recognizing and taking responsibility for how you contribute to difficulties in relationships that push other people away you can decrease these behaviors and the problems they create for you.

Validating and asserting your emotional needs more effectively, and taking responsibility for how you contribute to problems in a relationship will enable you to make better choices in your life and develop the tools to resolve conflicts with others more constructively.

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