I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for twenty -five years. I see people in individual and couples therapy, depending on which approach best fits their situation.

I graduated Columbia University with an M.S.W. degree. After graduate school I pursued further training as a therapist and have a certificate in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy from the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy.

My approach as a therapist is interactive and is based on an interpersonal/relational perspective. This involves understanding that people develop and function within the context of the important interpersonal relationships in their lives.  I focus on the interactional patterns that people develop in the significant relationships in their lives. I have found that this focus is adaptable to both individual and couples therapy.  All of us are affected and have an impact on the people we interact with. It is not only what happens to us, but how we interpret other people’s actions and respond in characteristic ways that often lead to frustrating, unsatisfying relationships and experiences. Therapy helps people to become more aware of the expectations, assumptions, and reactions they bring to situations that often reinforce negative, ineffective and discouraging interactions. This opens up the possibility to make more constructive and effective choices in dealing with the conflicts and tensions in our lives.

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